Stonehenge Condominiums 23535 Meeting Hall Lane
Novi, MI 48375-3742
Phone: (248) 477-8862

One of Novi's first condominium communities. Stonehenge has distinguished itself since its inception in 1978 through its reputation for maintaining visually appealing buildings and grounds; Co-owner communications; strong financial planning and attention to community maintenance, repair and replacements.     

Announcement from Curt Norrod - President of Association Management (ami)

Dear Stonehenge Co-owner,


We are writing to inform you that the Stonehenge Condominium Association is happy to announce the addition of Elyse Van Houzen to the management team as the new Stonehenge Community Services Assistant. We are confident you will find Elyse to be a valuable addition to the community! You may contact Elyse at: . Please remember that work orders must be entered through the website at:


Also, please keep your eyes open for a letter of notification of the upcoming annual meeting. One the last page of this letter, you will find a proxy and proxy ballot. PLEASE take time to read the content of the notice, and to complete and return the proxy and proxy ballot as it is imperative that we not only attain quorum but have a vote count to assign terms to the members seeking election.


Additionally, we are happy to announce the re-opening of the swimming pool and tennis court, with limitations and restrictions. Please review the attached guidelines for pool use and be advised they will be strictly enforced. Slowly but surely, some type of normal is returning. We hope it will continue with enjoyable, productive days ahead.





Curtis A. Norrod, President
Association Management, Inc.
47200 Van Dyke Ave.
Shelby Township, MI 48317
Phone: 800-821-8800

Annual Zoom Meeting October 11th 2021 7:00pm

Submit completed ballot to office by October 11th. See attachment for more information. Please make sure we have your current email address.

October 2021 Annual Meeting.pdf


Tennis courts are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 4:30 pm

Please also be advised that the clubhouse is open to in person meetings but a mask must be worn at all times.  Stonehenge staff members will be working regular hours.

Should you need to contact them, you may do so either by phone or email. 


Clubhouse Office:  (248) 477-0183


Stonehenge Condominium Association, Board of Directors


To submit a work order please click the following link to be taken to AMI’s new website work order submission page:


WASTE MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES:  Waste Management Trash Pickup No 29420210908.pdf


2020 Tax Credit table: SH Tax Credit 2020.pdf